About Us

A little of our history.

Meet Jefit Bradshaw

Back in 1998, I came across tourism by means of my aunt. My aunt operated at the local craft market in Ocho Rios. This gave me the opportunity to interact with Tourists, offering our local craft items as souvenirs which gave birth to the my love for this industry. The warmth and appreciation for our culture and island is so remarkable. So, because of this bliss I feel, to this day my love for tourism continues to grow. As I get the chance everyday to share my country with others who enjoy every bit of this island life. Creating memorable moments with friends and family. 

Why Bradshaw Tours Jamaica?

Authentic Vibe

At Bradshaw Tours we build relationship and create memories forming a bond so you become family

Rich Culture

We share the rich culture of our country to choose us is an experience of a lifetime.


We take our work seriously, therefore, we cover all details so you can ride in comfort and style while feeling secure.

Wow Factor

We bring the awe in awesome and the vibe in positive vibration. We all have a complimentary offer for you.